Services We Offer


Our Accounting Service

With years of experience, our business accounting services have been developed to help clients stay ahead of the game, so that they can continue to align with the strategic direction of their business. Connect with us for your free consultation.



✔ Internal Controls

✔ Prepare Year-End Adjusting Entries

✔ Tax Strategy and Tax Planning

✔ Business Planning

✔ Financial Analysis & Strategy

✔ Complete Tax Returns

✔ Audit Preparation



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Our Bookkeeping Service

Finding a Bookkeeper that understands your business, work to keep you compliant while advising you can be stressful. Look no further, because we took steps to offer solutions aim at saving you time and money to help you and your business succeed.



✔ Setup General Ledger Accounts

✔ Accounts Payable & Receivable

✔ Bank Reconciliation

✔ File GST/HST Taxes with Canada Revenue Agency

✔ Financial Statements

✔ Budgeting & Forecasting

✔ Bookkeeping Support



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Our Payroll Service

Whether you have one employee or one hundred employees, we offer payroll solutions aim at small, medium and start up businesses. Each package is designed to take the hassle out of processing employees and contractors pay. Connect with us to process your payroll.



✔ Setup and Calculate Employees Payroll Taxes

✔ Direct Pay Deposit

✔ File EI, CPP Taxes with the Federal & Provincial Government

✔ Payroll Reports

✔ Calculate and Remit WSIB | WCB Premiums

✔ Manage Garnishments & Other Deductions

✔ Year-end T4s

✔ Payroll Support


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Industries we work with

Hospitality | Construction | Manufacturing | Retail | Wholesale | Information Technology | Health Care |

Education | Transportation | Non-profit


Business types we serve

✔ Restaurants | Bars | Cafés

✔ Textile

✔ Plumbing | Electrical | Carpentry

✔ Bath & Cosmetic Supplies

✔ Landscaping

✔ Painters and other Skill Laborers

✔ Automotive

✔ General Maintenance & Service