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BondEsq: The Launch

Afro-Caribbean entrepreneur Shawn launched BondEsq Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in 2016.

The Enrepreneur
Shawn struggled to develop and set off his own business goals because in 2014 he put his life on hold when he learned of his mother's fight with Alzheimer's disease. This meant dropping out of university so he could provide financial assistance to get her the best care and medication she desperately needed.

Still struggling financially, Shawn couldn't find work in his field for many months and so and he turned his attention to small and mid-size business owners to help them with accounting and bookkeeping tasks. This was not enough because many of them didn't pay him for his services, so he couldn't provide financial assistance for the care of his mother and this led to his depression.

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BondEsq: His Story

Not giving up, he took on a job role as a dishwasher to get the money he needed to help his mother, and two months later, he learned that the restaurant owner was in need of an accounting bookkeeper. Armed with this knowledge, Shawn provided his resume to the restaurant owner and subsequently got the role of the company's accountant.

There is where he drew inspiration for successfully helped the restaurant that was struggling with debt, insert controls and measures in place to prevent it from losing money, grew the business by 60%, and as such developed his unique business model and approach to help other small and mid-size restaurant businesses grow and succeed.

As a fan of the James Bond movie franchise, Shawn decided to develop and brand his unique approach to helping small and mid-size businesses with the name BondEsq.

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Our team members

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Team Leaders



Shawn brings more than 15 years of Accounting experience to many businesses. He has helped many mid-size, large and new businesses reevaluate their business strategy to maximize their potential, save on cost and help them expand their operations.


Marketing Officer

As a 3-time VP of Marketing, Vahab brings 8 years of experience heading marketing teams. He has helped several B2B companies grow faster, by optimizing and transforming their marketing efforts. Vahab is an asset to the BondEsq brand.


Financial Officer

Julen joins BondEsq Services from Eurotax, where he led the company’s financial and accounting operations.
He spent 5 years there, where he oversaw the company’s planning and budgeting. Julen is an asset to the BondEsq brand.


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There are opportunities in every business for growth and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with clients in different industries.

We will advise you on tax savings, provide cashflow forecasting to help you identify opportunities and areas to take action on quickly, free up your time, and set up KPI reporting that allows you to see how your business is performing over time, so you can make better decisions to grow your business.

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