About Us


Our mission is to advice, educate and offer accounting and bookkeeping solutions aim at helping businesses succeed. A firm, where customers would love and rely on for great accounting and bookkeeping advice and where our team agents would love to work.

How We Do This

We do this in a variety of ways by first listening to our clients, ask a series of questions aimed at understanding what their needs are, offer unique accounting and bookkeeping solutions to address their needs, work closely with our clients on an ongoing basis, so they can remain focus on their company's profitability and growth, while providing an unmatched customer support service to our clients.

Our Team Focus

Working smart should be every business objective to achieve sustainability, reduce cost, increase sales and grow while utilizing the services of us, an outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping firm, that can meet the objectives of your company. Our experience team is made up of certified accountants and bookkeepers and we focus on offering solutions and providing excellent customer service to your small, medium and startup business.

Our Story: The Birth of "BondEsq"

We adopted the theme from the 007 movies, to which he, "James Bond" carried out his tasks professionally and effectively, while protecting the interest of the "crown", 'queen and country'. We treat and safeguard our clients business interest in this esteem and felt strongly that every person or company we do business with should have its individual accountant or bookkeeper.

With that in mind, we created the theme "agents" as our unique way to be identified by our customers and us. Our certified professionals, also known as "agents" are assigned to clients for that personal and professional service that is deserving. As a result, the birth of "BondEsq" was created.

BondEsq Accounting & Bookkeeping Services sees itself as your company personal accountant and bookkeeper agent. When you hire us, you interact with your personal assign agent, who can be trusted with your data, conduct your business efficiently, timely and conduct his/herself professionally. Our dedicated team will work with you to bring the results that you need, so you can focus on what you do best.