Why BondEsq?

In our industry, we recognized that every business is different, every situation is distinctive. Businesses turn to us for several reasons. Why? Because they trust us, appreciate the value we bring to them, we work with them to deliver the results they need, their data is secure, delivery is on time and most importantly, they know we care about helping them reach their business goals.


From the way we work to build clients trust, to the way we provide sound financial advice aim at delivering the best outcomes, we don't do ordinary. Our clients know our work is exceptional because we work to bring satisfaction first and we monitor our clients financial performance by strategically implementing tools and controls aim at getting the best results to them. We also provide value-added services aim at saving our clients time and money and for these several reasons is why clients choose BondEsq.



Our pricing models are design and structured to never charge our clients based on their monthly performance or sales. Unlike some of our competitors who take this approach, our focus is to put our clients needs first and not their "wallets". Lets face it, businesses go through seasonal financial cycles and as such, our approach to our Bookkeeping pricing plans are structured to accommodate for the number of transactions that occurred or is expected to occur during a given monthly period. Our research shows that clients prefer it this way, so that they can plan ahead.


Below shows our pricing models and please note that all of our plans comes standard with customer support.


Finding an Accountant, Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist, who understands your business, can advice and meet your needs can be a daunting mission. We are here to listen to you about your business goals and offer solutions that can benefit you. Contact us ⮞