Restaurant Owners

If you are a restaurant owner or someone who manages a restaurant, this resource page can be useful to you. We have been helping restaurant owners identify and avoid financial problems within their business. Throughout our working experience within the restaurant industry, we have observed and experienced major accounting and bookkeeping mistakes due to improper accounting controls and as a result, has effected the profitability of the business.


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Unlike many other businesses that employ in-house full or part time financial personnel, most restaurant owners cannot afford that luxury and as such, spend their days jumping from one operational task to another, rely on several employees to undertake the task of securing delivery receipts/bills, which usually end up being misplaced, employ inexperience personnel to manage financial task along with other factors resulting with the financial management of the restaurant not receiving the attention that it requires.

Common Factors

Due to some of these common factors, we list several financial "red flags" that hopefully can be corrected by the improved procedures or management of your existing revenues, or at worst, by helping to quantify the additional revenues that will be required. If any of the below indicators are present in your restaurant, then these are financial "red flags" and we recommend that you have them address before the financial health of your restaurant gets worse.